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How to Configure the Cisco 7940G IP Phone for Standalone SIP?

How to configure the Cisco 7940G IP Phone for Standalone SIP? It’s a common problem while using the Cisco ip phone 7900 series. Now here we will share an example and case that the user of Cisco 7940g phone has got…

And the discussion is likes this:
The Problem: “I have a Cisco 7940g IP telephone.
I do not have a PBX. This is simply an IP phone plugged into a my LAN.
I just signed up Digium cloud SIP service.
Is there a way to make this work?
P.S. I tried entering the credentials that Digium sent me into the "5.  SIP Configuration" menu under "SETTINGS" on the phone, but I still have an 'X' over my line on the home screen.”

Someone answered: “Digium is a very-well known company because of a VoIP product called Asterisk.
Will the phone work, of course?  You have a choice of running SIP or Cisco-proprietary SCCP.  
We'll need to do a top-to-bottom troubleshooting and configuration.  Firstly, what protocol are you planning to use (SIP or SCCP) and what configuration settings does Digium require you to do from your side?”

In fact the user wants to run SIP.  He does not have any PBX or other Cisco phone hardware outside of this 7940g phone sitting on desk.
He has factory-reset the phone, and entered the credentials Digium gave him.
Settings > 4. SIP Configuration > 1. Line 1 Settings:
1. Name = (the user’s assigned Digium phone number)
2. Shortname= (his name)
3. Authentication Name=56605ed547a8437d872f6b516df6a4bc
4. Authentication Password = (another random string of characters just like the previous field)
5. Display Name = UNPROVISIONED
6. Proxy Address =
7. Proxy Port = 5060
And he have confirmed with our sysadmin that the network's router is set to (1) disable "SIP helper", and (2) allow communication on specific UDP port ranges, both per Digium's knowledgebase.

…Those configuration are not enough.  
Ask Digium if NAT & ALG are supported. 
What transport protocol does Digium support:  TCP or UDP

What codec is allowed?
The Cisco IP Phone 79X5 family of phones behave differently.  It's not like the IP Phone 79X0 where the configurations are simple.  You'll need to upload the complete set of configurations to the phone using DHCP Option 150 and a TFTP server.

…Any more suggestions? Share with us…


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Sunday, December 6, 2015

Cisco 800M Series ISR, New 2015

The Cisco 800M Series Integrated Services Router, of course, is the member of the Cisco 800Series ISR product family. The Cisco 800M Series ISR is a modular platform that was intended for small to medium sites. It provides a flexible array of WAN connectivity options with easy migration among WAN interface types. It runs Cisco IOS Software and delivers built-in security in a single software image with no additional software licenses required. It also integrates application hosting capabilities right in the router.

The Cisco 800M ISR is best suited for the following uses:
● Secure WAN connectivity for branches
● Transmitting transactional data from ATM machines, point-of-sale terminals, and kiosks
● Cellular backup to primary wired links
● Quick, easy connectivity in countries where most WAN infrastructure is cellular: 3G connectivity can be used for primary connections, backup connections, or both
● Locations with WAN services requiring serial connectivity
● Deployments requiring real-time, local data collection and analysis from vending machines, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and M2M sensors in other applications

There are two Cisco 800M Series ISR models: the part numbers are C841M-4X and C841M-8X. Both integrate a Gigabit Ethernet switch and redundant Gigabit Ethernet WAN uplinks.

The ISR 800M router with part number C841M-8X.

The Cisco 800M Series platform supports pluggable Cisco WAN Interface Modules (WIMs) for flexible connectivity.

The following Figure shows the rear of the ISR 800M (C841M-8X) with WIM-3G and WIM-1T modules inserted. Figure 3 shows the rear of the ISR 800M (C841M-4X), also with both modules inserted.

Cisco 800M ISR (C841M-8X) with WIM-3G and WIM-1T

Cisco 800M ISR (C841M-4X) with WIM-3G and WIM-1T

Features and Benefits
The Cisco 800M Series ISR integrates enterprise-class security and application services while delivering the best price/performance ratio in its class. The router supports highly available and redundant WAN connection options and lets you easily migrate to different WAN connections for investment protection.
The Cisco 800M ISR is the first in the industry to support multiple 3G technologies on the same pluggable WAN interface (the Cisco WIM-3G), providing you with the ability to choose the service provider. The platform is future-enabled, and it provides an open, extensible environment for developing and hosting applications at the network edge for local processing right in the router. The routers support single-pane-of-glass management and the 3G cellular Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) MIB.

Features and Benefits of Cisco 800M Routers
Cisco 800M Supporting Feature(s)
Secure connectivity
●  VPNs: Integrated IPsec, Group Encrypted Transport, Cisco Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN), Cisco FlexVPN, Cisco EasyVPN
●  Integrated Cisco IOS Zone-Based Firewall with Next-Generation Network-Based Application Recognition (NBAR2)
●  Integrated domain/URL filtering
●  Cisco Cloud Web Security Connector for cloud-based web security
Ability to easily migrate to other WAN interfaces
●  Modular architecture that supports pluggable Cisco WAN Interface Modules (WIMs)
Flexible choices of wireless WAN services and providers
●  Supports HSPA+/HSPA and EV-DO on a single multimode 3G WIM with fallback to 2G cellular technologies
●  Dual Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and Removable User Identity Module (R-UIM) support for easy swap-out as you change networks and providers
High network availability for business continuity
●  Supports two slots on a single 3G module that can hold a mix of SIM and/or R-UIM cards for cellular multihoming across HSPA+/HSPA and EV-DO WWANs
●  Dual Gigabit Ethernet WAN ports and support for two serial modules for primary/backup wired connections or a mix of wired and cellular links for redundancy
Convergence of required capabilities into a single box for lower CapEx and OpEx
●  Integrates Gigabit Ethernet switch, routing, multilayer security, full Cisco IOS Software suite, multiple WAN interface choices
Comprehensive and centralized network management
●  Integrated device management using Cisco Configuration Professional Express. Includes comprehensive Security Policy Management (covering identity, user, and user group domain filtering, VPNs, and cloud-based Cisco Web Security) with monitoring and reporting
●  Enterprise-class centralized provisioning and management using Cisco Prime Infrastructure
●  Remote management and network monitoring using SNMP (including 3G SNMP MIBs), Telnet, and HTTP, and locally through a console port

The Cisco 800M Series ISR default license supports the Cisco IOS Software Advanced IP Services feature set with no additional technology package license requirement.
License for Cisco 800M Series ISR
Default Feature License
First Cisco IOS Software Release
Cisco 800M ISR
(Advanced IP Services)
More info about Cisco 800M Series Integrated Services Router such as System Specs for Cisco 800M Routers, ordering information, warranty, technical service options, etc. you can refer to the data sheet of Cisco 800M Series Integrated Services Router:

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